How to identify Meiah HPL
 Sep 17, 2019|View:643

It’s easy to identify Meiah HPL, you just need ultraviolet light.

Meiah is a famous High-Pressure Laminate brand, widely used in the covering of raised floor. MEIAH® brand built a solid reputation of exterior and interior decorative surface materials for its quality and reliability and gained worldwide renown. For modern interior environments, MEIAH® products have been passed the stringent chemical emission tests and awarded a certificate of Green Building Materials to meet this requirement of daily demand.

Resistance: 1.0x106-1.0x109Ω
Wear Proof Property: Normal wear properties ≥400r
High wear properties ≥1000r
Ultra-high wear properties ≥3000r
Combustion Performance:grade FV-1(≤30 seconds)
Anti-pull Strength:≥60Mpa

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