Anti-static raised access floor maintenance manual instructions
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  1. The humidity of the computer room must be controlled at RH30%-70%, and the temperature should be controlled at 10-30ºC (while the 0A network floor is 5-35°C). When the equipment room is under ultra-low temperature and ultra-low humidity at the same time, cracks will emerge on the floor surface. If the anti-static raised floor is under harsh conditions, you must try your best to ensure the humidity and temperature of the equipment room, and appropriately increase the thickness and strength of the floor surface.

       Temperature change rate: ΔT≤15℃ for hours, or condensation;

        Vibration: no constant vibration (source);

        Chemical environment: no highly corrosive volatile substances.

  1. 2. Use a wrung mop or vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, and clean the floor once or several times a month according to the intensity of the floor. It is best to apply floor wax to protect the floor.

  2. Note: Do not use a lot of water, especially hot water, to avoid degumming and swelling.

  3. 3. Use special floor cleaners to remove spots and stains. Do not use items with damaging properties, such as metal tools, nylon friction pads, and bleaching powder.

  4. 4. Avoid contact with the floor by heat sources above 60°C, such as burning cigarette butts, to prevent deformation and scorch marks. 5. It is not allowed to walk on the floor in shoes with iron nails. The staff in the computer room should wear slippers or soft-soled cotton shoes.

  5. Or place a footpad in front of the door to reduce the wear and tear of the sand on the floor.

  6. 6. It is forbidden to rub, slide or impact hard or heavy objects on the floor. When installing heavier equipment such as cabinets and UPS, in case of long-term heavy load, when the weight of one foot of the machine is greater than 1/3 of the floor bearing level, support columns should be added to the corresponding parts of the floor, otherwise the floor will easily be out of shape.

  7. 7. For disassembly and maintenance, a special suction plate should be used, and sharp tools are strictly prohibited.

  8. 8. When the floor is just laid, the windows should be opened frequently for ventilation. On the one hand, it is for fresh indoor air, and on the other hand, it emits moisture.

  9. 9. Try to avoid direct sunlight on the floor for a long time, otherwise, it will cause discoloration of the floor surface.

  10. 10. Please do not lay gas pipes and water pipes under the floor.

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