Raised Floor Installation

Main tools

Large push cutter, Infrared ray level instrument, Panel lifter, Screwdriver, Wax wires, Level bar, Adz-eye Hammer, Nail, Pencil, Flexible rule, Pedestal adhesive, Toolbag, Broom, etc.


Installation steps


Step 1、Clean the ground

Step 2、Painting the gridlines

Carefully check the flatness of the ground and the verticality of the wall. Pull the horizontal line and use the ink line to hit the wall surface, ensure that the laid floor is on the same level. Measure the length and width of the room, and properly select the laying reference position to reduce the floor cutting, and eject the gridlines of the mounting pedestal on the ground.


Step 3、Place the pedestals

Adjust the pedestals to be installed to the same required height and place the pedestals at the intersection of the ground gridlines,  fixed the pedestal base with glue.

Step 4、Abjust the level

Use the infrared ray level instrument to confirm the height of pedestals is the same.


Step 5、Connect the stringers

Fix the stringers to the pedestals with screws and use the horizontal ruler to make the stringers on the same plane and perpendicular to each other;


Step 6、Place the panel

Use the lifter to place the floor on the assembled stringers.

Note: Black glued edges between floors must be aligned and straight.

If the remaining size of the wall is smaller than the length of the floor itself, it can be made by cutting the floor;

Normally the floor of the last row should be cut, the cut side can be put on a flat head pedestal directly, there is no need to use the stringer for the last row.


Step 7、Do step and wall edge trim

Aluminium Non-Slip Stair Nosing provided as a trim material at the leading edge of a step tread. Cover the gap between the floor and the wall with the baseboard.

Step 8、Clean up the floor




• When laying the floor, the level of the blistering level is leveled, and the height of the floor is adjusted by the pedestal;

• When placing heavy equipment in the equipment room, the pedestal should be installed under the floor of the equipment base to prevent deformation of the floor;

• If the temperature difference between day and night at the construction site is big,(high altitude, temperate area or arctic area), all the edges should remain a 3mm gap.


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