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Calcium Sulphate Core Panel

Abeite a high-tech and innovative raised access floor systems manufacturer in China. The quality of Abeite calcium sulphate core panel(also called calcium sulfate board panel) can be traced back to the mineral resources. Non-toxic natural product, 100% green environmental protection natural gypsum power;

High-density calcium sulphate core panel is a very important material for calcium sulphate raised floor. It's fiber-reinforced and environment.

1、Raw materials: calcium sulphate content in most boards is over 85%.

The produce and test standard of Chinese 、CISCA、 PSA MOB PS/SPU and DIN EN 12825 specifications;


2、Manufacturing process. (If you want a video, pls leave your Email)

Thickness of panel: 23-38mm

Size of panel: 500*500/603*603/610*610mm


3、Advantage of Abeite calcium sulphate panel.

01 Base material --- Classification and application of gypsum powder

The main component of gypsum powder is calcium sulfate, which is the main coagulation material of calcium sulfate calcium sulphate core panel, so gypsum powder is a factor that directly affects the quality of calcium sulfate calcium sulphate core panel. The source of raw materials can be divided into pure natural gypsum powder and industrial secondary gypsum powder. The raw material of pure natural gypsum powder is original pure natural gypsum ore, without any chemical and biological pollution, and is an environmentally friendly material that does not cause any harm to the human body. The raw materials of industrial secondary gypsum powder are both industrial wastes, such as desulfurized gypsum from power plants and phosphogypsum from chemical fertilizer plants... Industrial secondary gypsum generally needs to be modified, however, the chloride ions and sulfur ions in them are still far high. For natural gypsum, chemical odors cannot be eliminated, and the chloride ion is a factor that directly affects the moisture content, respiration, and flatness of the calcium sulphate core panel. Therefore, industrial gypsum is not as good as natural gypsum in terms of environmental protection and applicability.

The quality of Abeite calcium sulphate board can be traced back to the mineral resources.

Since the cost of natural gypsum powder is higher than that of industrial secondary gypsum powder, our company currently represents the pure natural gypsum powder that is scarce in China to offset part of the production cost, and at the same time ensure that each floor is produced from natural gypsum powder, and can be used for different According to the different needs of the project, gypsum powder from different origins is selected to make full use of its excellent performance. It not only ensures the quality of the floor but also improves the cost performance.

02 Board panel process --- Production equipment and formula analysis

The important process of calcium sulphate core panel production

① Variable pulse press

The calcium sulfate base material is made of gypsum powder mixed with wood fibers by pulse pressure pressing in the mold. The press directly affects the quality of the base material. The variable pulse press can adjust the pressure to produce base materials of different densities (Some customers have requirements for floor weight)

② Enough period of life

After the base material is pressed, the gypsum powder needs a process from the initial setting to the final setting. During this process, the base material needs a curing period to achieve maximum strength and is conducive to the control and stability of moisture.

Three elements of the calcium sulphate core panel

①Strength warpage: Strength and warpage are inversely proportional. Our company has obtained a balance point after repeated experiments. Under the combined action of balanced pressure, scientific formula, high-grade gypsum powder, and tough wood fiber, a high-quality calcium sulphate core panel can be obtained.

Moisture: Since the gypsum is breathable, the moisture is not a fixed value, but a reasonable range. After the fully cured calcium sulphate core panel of our company is dried in the drying room, the moisture can be controlled within the qualified range, and it can be controlled with the humidity in the air. adjust.

Stability: The stability of the calcium sulphate core panel is also the stability of the floor. The calcium sulphate core panel made of industrial secondary gypsum has a slight probability of deformation, which is mainly caused by the release of water due to the influence of chloride ions. Our company uses natural materials that are relatively stable, which can also improve the service life of the floor.

Flexible application of recipes

With the same equipment and raw materials, the formula can be adjusted to produce floors with different performances according to different needs. The flexible production mode can not only meet the needs of different calcium sulphate core panels for calcium sulfate veneer floors, six-sided steel calcium sulfate floors, calcium sulfate grooved floors, and GRC floors, but also reduce material waste and pollution while increasing calcium sulfate. The scope of application of the floor in practical engineering applications further reflects the superiority of calcium sulfate.

Summary of the advantages of our base material

Make full use of the advantages of gypsum powder, control the quality from the source, cooperate with advanced equipment, scientific and flexible formula, and produce calcium sulphate core panels with customized physical properties such as density, whiteness, strength, warpage, etc., which are calcium sulfate finished floors Provide a solid foundation to meet the diversity of customer needs.

Our gypsum powder supplier cooperates with Conch Cement to consume the part of natural gypsum ore that does not meet the floor requirements to ensure the quality of gypsum powder.

Our wood fibers are high-quality kraft paper and natural white hemp plant fibers that are peeled off and processed on food packaging bags, not recycled fiber materials such as wallpaper factories.

03 Patented mass production process --- Preprocessing and mass production processes

Our company has more than 20 years of floor production experience and has carried out in-depth research and innovation in response to the common quality problems in the market in the past. The treatment of the calcium sulphate core panel directly affects the final quality of the floor. It does not solve the problem that the veneer is not firmly bonded, and is easily affected by the moisture of the calcium sulphate core panel, resulting in problems such as floor cracking, bulging, warping, and difficulty in laying. Our company performs delicate grinding and leveling on qualified calcium sulphate core panels, and uses our unique patented process to strengthen the surface of the calcium sulphate core panel, which reduces the tolerance of the calcium sulphate core panel, strengthens the physical properties of the calcium sulphate core panel, and improves the compatibility of the calcium sulphate core panel. So as to solve the above problems perfectly.

The pre-processed base material has already controlled the tolerance flatness within 5 wires, which is ready for the subsequent automatic production line. In order to improve product quality and output, and at the same time reduce labor costs, our company has invested tens of millions to purchase an imported The most fully automatic production line equipment and the most reasonable production process are set up. The entire production line only needs four engineers, and the designed average output reaches 9,000 pieces per day.

The entire pre-processing process is replaced by a robotic arm to ensure the stability of the production frequency and greatly improve efficiency.

The HOMAG equipment (imported from Germany) will precisely edge the pre-processed base material so that the diagonal error is within 5 wires, which greatly improves the interchangeability.

The semi-finished floor after milling is conveyed by the conveyor belt and precisely affixed to the panels and steel plates by the robotic arm, which is both firm and beautiful

The semi-finished products that are pasted on both sides are edge-sealed by the SCM automatic edge-banding machine(imported from Italy), and the floor is automatically trimmed, making the finished product unparalleled.

Before the upgrade of the production process, the load-bearing capacity of the 32mm calcium sulfate floor was 503kg when the deflection was 2.0. After the production process is upgraded, the 30mm calcium sulfate calcium sulphate core panel has a load capacity of 787kg when the deflection is 2.0mm.

04 Quality control testing

All-round high-tech inspection

Automatic detection and screening of veneer color difference, bonding fastness hollow, and veneer surface defects.

Automatic detection and screening of floor flatness, diagonal, and hypotenuse angle.

Automatically grade the product and transmit the graded signal to the automatic packaging machine.

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