Abeite production process of the new imported automatic raised floor production line
 May 18, 2022|View:845

Abeite Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor production process, shows how we use the imported automatic raised floor production line to produce better panels.

Abeite Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor       Production Process.jpg

During the whole production process, we did at least 5 times detect of panels, including the Moisture content of calcium sulphate core panel, panel load, weight, thickness, Detect diagonal and adjacent side perpendicularity, Detect flatness, and width deviation, we also test the load of final panels.

The German HOMAG equipment will precisely edge the pre-processed base material so that the diagonal error is within 5 wires, which greatly improves the interchangeability.

The semi-finished floor after milling is conveyed by the conveyor belt and precisely affixed to the panels and steel plates by the robotic arm, which is both firm and beautiful. The semi-finished products that are pasted on both sides are edge-sealed by the SCM automatic edge-banding machine(imported from Italy), and the floor is automatically trimmed, making the finished product unparalleled.

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